Sunday, November 18, 2012

Help - I'm Having So Much Difficulty with Glitter (and I love it so much)

Blue Christmas

What would be the best way to attach this?
This die cut from a Trim The Tree Cricut cartridge presented a challenge for me.  
I didn't know how to attach the intricate cut to the back layer.  
So I tried a Precision Tip Glue Pen from Elmer's
and didn't control the flow well enough for it to be as clean as I would have liked. 

CraftBond™ Quick Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen

So then I decided to glitter the tree to "cover up" my initial mess - ok, right.

What is the easiest way to glitter something this "dainty"?
Notice how the glitter was really hit and miss.
 I diluted Elmer's Glue and applied it to the cut out with a paint brush. 
 It seemed to
 (1.)  dry a little too fast or
 (2.)  I didn't cover it well enough, or 
(3.) the ceiling fan over my work table contributed to it.
(4.) maybe a little of all of the above

The coverage for the star background on the  white cardstock was pretty
 hit and miss with the embossing glue.  
Which meant that not all the stars were glittered.

Whatever the reason(s), the coverage was not what I'd hope it would be.

Inside of card was stamped with a 
(Merry Christmas 07 DR1105)
 stamp that I found at Hobby Lobby while on a mini vacation (thanks, Ash).

Anyone else see the "fingerprints" on this?  
 I told you, I'm learning!!!

Any and all suggestions of how to correct some of these issues and
 learning techniques from others is my 
primary goal for this site.  

Please help out those of us who are new to this craft and add your suggestions. 
 It is always nice to learn from other's experience.  


It saves alot of frustration and ultimately money in
 unusable projects and 
unnecessary/incorrect application of products.  

Wishing you a very relaxing Sunday!
Be kind to everyone!

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