Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Card using scor-tape

It's my dear friend Earlene's birthday this week, so my project today was a card for this very special person. I wanted it very (did I say VERY) sparkle-ey.

I just received my package of  1/8" scor-tape  ( and was dying to try it out.  I used it to "border" the various layers of cardstock and apply clear glitter on almost every layer.  I really liked how easy it made these lines of glitter and how well the glitter adheres to the tape.  I can see that this is going to be a product that I use alot of!!!

Detail of layering and excessive use of glitter (if there is such a thing).
 Card front:

 Inside of Card:

 Front of envelope:

I die-cut the flowers using my Cricut and the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, in various sizes the just kind of mixed them up.  I watched a video about  using  a mat and stylus to shape the flowers (basically break down the fiber in the paper) and didn't have the tool (another item I would love, but, alas, made due without).  I dug out an old mouse pad and a bit out of my tool box - voila - not too shabby.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

I will remember to change the date on my camera as soon as I finish this post though  (lol) - oops!

I have the "recipe" for this card with supplies if anyone is interested and will be more than happy to post it for you.

 Happy Wednesday!

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