Monday, November 19, 2012

Blitsy is the Best

Gotta just love the people from Blitsy's.

Can you tell how much I'm looking forward to Friday?

Sticky Fingers: Blitsy Black Friday (Whoo Hoo!!!)

Sticky Fingers: Blitsy Black Friday (Whoo Hoo!!!): I'm so very excited about the the giveaways and sneak peaks Blitsy came out with today.   I LOVE THEIR SITE Make sure you visit  fo...

Blitsy Black Friday (Whoo Hoo!!!)

I'm so very excited about the the giveaways and sneak peaks Blitsy came out with today.  


Make sure you visit  for a chance to win 
 and get some great deals in the process.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Help - I'm Having So Much Difficulty with Glitter (and I love it so much)

Blue Christmas

What would be the best way to attach this?
This die cut from a Trim The Tree Cricut cartridge presented a challenge for me.  
I didn't know how to attach the intricate cut to the back layer.  
So I tried a Precision Tip Glue Pen from Elmer's
and didn't control the flow well enough for it to be as clean as I would have liked. 

CraftBond™ Quick Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen

So then I decided to glitter the tree to "cover up" my initial mess - ok, right.

What is the easiest way to glitter something this "dainty"?
Notice how the glitter was really hit and miss.
 I diluted Elmer's Glue and applied it to the cut out with a paint brush. 
 It seemed to
 (1.)  dry a little too fast or
 (2.)  I didn't cover it well enough, or 
(3.) the ceiling fan over my work table contributed to it.
(4.) maybe a little of all of the above

The coverage for the star background on the  white cardstock was pretty
 hit and miss with the embossing glue.  
Which meant that not all the stars were glittered.

Whatever the reason(s), the coverage was not what I'd hope it would be.

Inside of card was stamped with a 
(Merry Christmas 07 DR1105)
 stamp that I found at Hobby Lobby while on a mini vacation (thanks, Ash).

Anyone else see the "fingerprints" on this?  
 I told you, I'm learning!!!

Any and all suggestions of how to correct some of these issues and
 learning techniques from others is my 
primary goal for this site.  

Please help out those of us who are new to this craft and add your suggestions. 
 It is always nice to learn from other's experience.  


It saves alot of frustration and ultimately money in
 unusable projects and 
unnecessary/incorrect application of products.  

Wishing you a very relaxing Sunday!
Be kind to everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Those Who Are The Happiest, Never Did Have Everything. But Rather They Are Thankful!

I saw this quote on the internet one day 
and just knew I would have to use it on one of my cards.  

Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time.

Although I try to be thankful every single day
 (and have actually started a gratitude journal ).  
Right now I'm grateful that I remembered to save it when I read it!

I printed the quote on Deluxe Textured Orange Cardstock#45264E (Primary TC) from and distressed it around the quote with a brown Pigment Ink Pad from Stampabilities that I found at a Hobby Lobby in Dothan, AL

Pigment Ink Pad

And then I cut an "inside cut" with the  Creative Memories oval template from Creative Memories
I then cut my "copper" metallic cardstock #33747F Metallic Paper pack from ColorBok and did an "outside" cut with it.

Product Image

I mounted the fall folage paper from the #68118 Outdoors Patterned Paper Pad from Colorbok on the Orange Card Stock and then added the ovals.

I printed the sentiment on light orange card stock and
 cut this to size and mounted it on the inside of the card.

The leaves, glitter and acryllic stones were added last.
 I trimmed the edges of the leaves flush with the sides of the card.

I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!

and remember.....
Be Kind To Every Living Thing!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Happy For You

The card today is a great color combination of brown and turquoise card stock.  After trying a few different ideas (and having to cover up a few mistakes), this was the outcome:

The First Obstacle 

I had to overcome was to correct the position of the stamp.  This is a Stampin' Up! ( wood mount that I bought on ebay. 

 Notice how crooked the message is on the stamp (not a good thing for a beginner, like me).

 Can someone tell me how to fix this stamp?

The Second Obstacle

Since I am new to card making and have limited supplies (only because my balance in my checking account will NOT allow me to buy something every day), I'm learning to make due with items I have around the house already. 
 In this case, I wanted a "border" of sorts at the bottom and didn't have any of the great punches I've seen  - so, out comes a 30+ year old metal hole punch that belonged to someone in my family (thanks for hand-me-downs).  I had to fold the cardstock to get the punches like I wanted them, not the best solution  (next time I will simply cut the paper in 2 pieces since the cut would be hidden by the ribbon anyway).

The Third Obstacle

I ran my tape too close to the edge when mounting the first layer of brown and it showed up as a white strip on the left edge of the card. 

 I attempted to "cut" it out only to make a bigger mess.  Then, VOILA, I remembered my handy dandy 1/8" scor tape  ( that I got last week.  I added a "border" around the edge, added glitter (you KNOW I love glitter), and the problem was solved!

I have started "pressing" the glitter down and rubbing it on the scor-tape to help with the problem of people "wearing" my beloved glitter when they open the card.  
It really seems to be working.  
Thanks to my card making friends for this great tip!!!

Of course, I couldn't just stop there - I added more tape and glitter to the inside of the card just to dress it up some.

The flowers were made on my Cricut with the George and Basic Shapes cartridge.  I know, I know, I keep using this cartridge over and over - I only have 4 so I'm limited, but I'm learning (slowly) the capabilities of my machine and the Design Studio and Craft Room ( where I've been able to purchase single images or take advantage of the "freebies" they offer each month.

The brown card stock from #61197 Earthtone pack
Turquoise is from #45264E - Primary Text. Cardstock

Wishing you a terrific Thursday!!!  

Be kind to every living thing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Autumn Blessings Card

Happy Wednesday!!!

The Autumn Blessings Card was made to invite family members for Thanksgiving dinner.  I added a hand written note (Cocktail Hour: 4 PM - Dinner:  5 PM  Deep fried turkey, baked ham, and all the fixin's)  inside.  

The leaves are from a discount store.  You know I had to add a little glitter (and I really only added a little, this time).

The inside sentiment I made with a Word program on my computer

Of course, I just had to add a little "something" to the envelope, too

Just a reminder to check out the Blitsy site at - they have incredible prices on special items every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I bought a few new Ranger Inks for $3.33 each.  These are for some Christmas Cards I have in the back of my mind.
 Can't wait to get them..
Ranger - Adirondack Dye Ink Pads Earthtones - Cranberry
Ranger - Adirondack Dye Ink Pads Earthtones - Currant

Your Christmas Countdown Clock 2012

Your Christmas Countdown Clock 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Occasion 4 Card Set

I made these four cards out of paper and card stock from my scrap basket and couldn't be happier. 
 Making up several sets as gifts will be in the works for Christmas Projects for friends and family.

Looks like there was a problem with the stamp on this one (notice over the 'd'
I MUST learn NOT to wiggle the stamps!!!

 Notice the envelope behind the birthday card in this photograph

This is the inside of all of the cards - they are pretty much identical

Now to figure out how to "package" them.  
A box?  
Just tie with a ribbon? 
What do you think?

The pattered paper is (I believe) from a  Colorbok  Pattern Pack that I used ages ago (
Card Stock from Ampad (
Flower die cut from Cricut - George and Basic Shapes
Left over metallic ribbon from YEARS ago
Acrylic Jewels - Horizon Group USA, Inc.
Brown Pigment Ink Pad from Stampabilities
Stamps:  Happy Birthday, Wishing You Well and Thinking of You - unknown Dollar Tree stamps
Sending Caring Thoughts Your Way - Hero Arts CL476 (With Sympathy)

Have a terrific Tuesday, be kind to everyone you see today!

As always, a recipe card for these designs are available, just ask :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chartreuse (glittered) Merry Christmas Card

Today's card lets me ask about embossing techniques. 

 As you can see in the card below, I apparently "wiggled" the stamp and got a line on the bottom of the image.  I use a dry paint brush to brush away any excess or mistakes prior to heating, but decided to leave this as a focal point.  Don't know that I would do it again, but am learning that my mistakes are teaching me.  The sentiment is a little sloppy on the left side by the "M" in Merry, guess I just have to practice.  

I am curious to suggestions about how to eliminate the "speckling" from powder.  I have heard mention of a anti-static pouch of sorts, but haven't checked out the prices.  Is there a diy application for this that anyone can tell me about without my having to purchase more items right now?

This is the entire card front - the card itself it actually on white card stock not pink as it appears in the photo (guess I need more lighting in my craft room).  The second layer is done with the deep green from The Paper Studio (Holiday pack) that I purchased at a Hobby Lobby www,

 I love the color combinations of this card.

The "label" is actually a gift tag cutout from Trim The Tree Winter Collection by Cricut
The sentiment is from Stampabilities
As promised, I remembered to change the date on my camera!!!  

I'm searching the internet today for articles on making your own glitter paper.

Any suggestions? 

 I am trying to utilize the supplies and crafting items that I currently have and
expanding their capabilities,

1.   The economy and my own financial status

2.  Use up existing "inventory"

3.  I really do live out in the country and the nearest craft store

 (other than a WalMart with a VERY limited inventory)
 is about 50 miles away from me

As usual, the recipe for this card is available!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Friday, November 9, 2012

My question today to fellow crafters:  How do you "FIX" glitter glue that has become a little clumpy - is there a way to dilute it or should I just trash a bunch of bottles.  My mom (also an avid crafter in her day - prior to several strokes) gave me much of her supplies that she just cannot use any longer, and sadly about 10 or more bottles of various glitter are questionable.

Any and all help is appreciated.  I'll try just about anything you suggest since the alternative is the trash!

Today I am posting a Christmas card I made using my Cricut and Best Images of 2007 cartridge to make the snowflakes.  I had to emboss the background with silver Zing embossing powder (, since the Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine I purchased on ebay 2 weeks ago has yet to show up at my door :( grrrrrrr ).  I wasn't totally pleased with the look and decided to emboss, yet again, with small snowflakes  - a very small stamp from Comotion in Tuscon, AZ..

I am having difficulty finding a technique to keep my stamping straight and level.  Notice how this "Merry Christmas" (stamp from Stampabilities) - sentiment seems to run uphill.  Any suggestions from you seasoned stampers on how to avoid doing this would be appreciated.

I will be changing the date on my camera this time, promise....

As always, I do have a recipe card with instructions for this card.  Just let me know if you wish to see it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Card using scor-tape

It's my dear friend Earlene's birthday this week, so my project today was a card for this very special person. I wanted it very (did I say VERY) sparkle-ey.

I just received my package of  1/8" scor-tape  ( and was dying to try it out.  I used it to "border" the various layers of cardstock and apply clear glitter on almost every layer.  I really liked how easy it made these lines of glitter and how well the glitter adheres to the tape.  I can see that this is going to be a product that I use alot of!!!

Detail of layering and excessive use of glitter (if there is such a thing).
 Card front:

 Inside of Card:

 Front of envelope:

I die-cut the flowers using my Cricut and the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, in various sizes the just kind of mixed them up.  I watched a video about  using  a mat and stylus to shape the flowers (basically break down the fiber in the paper) and didn't have the tool (another item I would love, but, alas, made due without).  I dug out an old mouse pad and a bit out of my tool box - voila - not too shabby.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

I will remember to change the date on my camera as soon as I finish this post though  (lol) - oops!

I have the "recipe" for this card with supplies if anyone is interested and will be more than happy to post it for you.

 Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 5, 2012


I don't know if it is just because I am a new Card Maker, or if it happens more frequently than I realize, but it seems that I find myself so overwhelmed with ideas that I can't seem to sort them out when it's time to make a card.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is why I keep running across mentions of layout sketches.  Think it might be a good idea to put this into application to try to keep focused on the "card at hand".

I found these free layouts at and am going to give them a try for a week to see if it helps.

Anyone else have any ideas on this subject?

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today is the day I finally start to blog.  Yeah!!!
The purpose of this blog is to learn the beautiful art of Card Making.  I hope to obtain suggestions, tips and techniques to use and pass along from individuals who are already seasoned pros.  So, please, feel free to offer ANY suggestions for short cuts, tried and true (or failed) products and vendors with great products.  As I purchase supplies, I will highlight the products on my daily search of the "brightest and the best" I find along the way.