Sunday, March 23, 2014

There is a saying that goes something like this:
"It's hard to remember that your initial objective is to drain the swamp when you are elbow deep in alligators"

It's working quite like this for me lately - let me explain...
I've got some "issues" in my life right now (doesn't everyone), and I've been somewhat preoccupied with my thoughts of these issues while creating my DT cards the past few months.  
This week is obviously NO EXCEPTION - 

So I'm working away at this card, loving the colors, really getting into making this cute little hydrangea with my new Martha Stewart punch,  I finish the card, quite happy with the results when I suddenly realize that the objective was TO USE AT LEAST 3 BRADS

Lesson Learned:  the card is MUCH nicer when you add the embellishments in the correct order (see photo of how I "tried" to "fix" the problem instead of starting over on this card.
Guess this one will stay in my stash for awhile and not get sent out.

Other Lesson Learned:  Keep the objective in mind while doing the job at hand.

I used the awesome Friends 2014 Stamp Set from Mark's Finest Papers and Stamps for this card which you can purchase here.

Here is my little mini photo tutorial of some of the steps I took making this card.

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  1. This is a beautiful card- I love the pink and the flower turned out beautifully! And the brads are a great accent.

  2. We have all been there - pocking brads through at the end when you missed them earlier. Sometimes I go with it and sometimes I end up adding an inner panel. Send your card to someone it is too nice to sit unloved.

  3. Trudy your card is gorgeous!!! Someone will love this beauty so give away girl!! I love the flower cluster with the embossing and the brads in the three corners!! Hey I understand going thru it we have been in the swamp for the last 10 months! Hang in there :) Im going to borrow your quote never heard it before!!